Join the Progression Pack Pilot

In preparation for the launch of Progression Pack, I’m preparing for a one month pilot of the toolkit. Think of it as getting Progression Pack early, plus me on-hand throughout (including on-site) to help you roll it out.

I need four design teams to be a part of my pilot! I already have one slot filled, so here's your chance to snag one of the remaining three.

You'll get unprecedented access to me and the development stage of the toolkit, and all outputs forever.

Wait, what's progression pack again?

OK Jonny, tell me more...

What kind of a team am I looking for?

  • Ideally UK-based (See below if that's not you - we can still chat options)
  • 10-30 product designers. This can optionally include research, content etc.
  • Either a design agency focused on products, a tech startup or a more traditional company with a product design team
  • Able to make available up to two days of time for 1:1s with managers, team workshops and group activities*
  • Most importantly: You’re feeling the pain of lack of clarity around roles, expectations and progression, with a decision-maker/leader with autonomy to drive change and a real desire to try something new.

What do you get out of it?

Alongside Progression Pack completely free forever, you'll also get:

  • A total of two days of my time on-site with you and your team
  • A 'lunch and learn' session for anyone who wants to join – what's working elsewhere and how might it work for you?
  • Month-long online support through slack or your communication channel of choice
  • A case study from me, used in my marketing materials (if you're comfortable sharing your journey)

When will it start?

My preference will be to kick off towards the end of August, but I'm fairly flexible and comfortable with a staggered start. I'll be launching by the end of September so ideally we'd be done before then.

How much will it cost?

£1950 for the month**.

But we're not in the UK!

If you pre-purchase the Progression Pack, you’ll still get access to me for the length of the pilot (though priority will be given to formal pilot companies). If you'd like to work out some extra dedicated time on top, lets talk.

Ok, how do I apply?

It's easy. Just use the chat bubble on this site, or drop me an email on We can have a chat and see if we're a good fit.

I'm interested!

*I respect that team time is costly. I won't ask for it without good reason and ultimately the amount of team time used will be at your discretion.

**Please know though that if this is a blocker but your need is real, then lets talk. I'm much more interested in learning than earning.